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Interview with James Cobble Ph.D., 2008

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Interview with James Cobble Ph.D., 2008
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Interviewer: Resnik, Susan
An oral history conducted by Susan Resnik, Ph.D. with former San Diego State University Administrator James Cobble on March 4, 2008.

In 1973, Cobble became Dean of the Graduate Division and Vice President of the San Diego State University Foundation. During his tenure at SDSU, he helped to found the Graduate School of Public Health and fought to increase wages for graduate student teaching assistants. He also held the position of Vice President of Research in 1997. Doctor Cobble retired in 2002.

In his oral history, Cobble discusses his childhood in Kansas and San Diego. He reflects on his time at San Diego High School and at San Diego State College's Department of Chemistry during the early 1940's. He also gives an account of trying to find his naval ship in Japan during World War II. Cobble also details his research at the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, including his research with Technetium, a rare element. He mentions his career at Purdue University as a Professor of Chemistry, and then focuses on his time at San Diego State University, emphasizing the changes in the academic review process, the reorganization of the Graduate Council, changes at the Foundation, and the administrations of the various university presidents.

This oral history was made possible by a grant from the John and Jane Adams Endowment for the Humanities and is part of the University Archives Multimedia Files Collection.
Administrators; Oral Histories; Chemists; San Diego State University Foundation; Great Depression; Crystal Cobble; Ray Cobble; San Diego High School; Nino Marcelli; Margaret Ann Cobble; Air raid wardens; Camouflage; Blackouts (wartime); Chemical warfare; Dudley Robinson; Elmer A. Messner; V-12 Navy College Training Programs; Ninety-day wonders; Arizona State University at Flagstaff; Midshipman's schools; Notre Dame University; VE Day; Victory in Europe Day; USS Delta (AR-9); Hurricanes; Okinawa; Surrender of Japan; Repair ships; GI Bill; College credit for military service; George Boyd; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies; Rhenium; Technetium; Emilio Segre; Glenn T. Seaborg; University of California at Berkeley; Richard Cobble; Catherine Cobble; Purdue University; U. S. Rubber; Uniroyal tires; Brage Golding; Malcolm A. Love; Graduate deans; Kent State University; Thomas Day; San Diego State University (history); Stephen L. Weber; Catherine A. Hoffman
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