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  • Jones Family Memorabilia Collection, 1962-2002

Poem by Lynetta Putnam Jones, 1977

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Poem by Lynetta Putnam Jones, mother of Jim Jones, 1977
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This poem by Lynetta Putnam Jones, mother of James Warren "Jim" Jones, was typed on letter paper.
The text of the poem is as follows:

Lynetta Jones
Mr. Aimed-To never did. Neither did Mr. Didn't-Do
These twain lived together down on DOLESS SLEW,
In a battered old house called the Manse-of-NEVER-WIN.
There they planned a task of two with they never did begin.
Folks said the place was haunted and 'TWAS long about THEN
When FROGGY FRAN was tackled by the ghost of SHIFTLESS BEN.
It shook her up, and wallowed her, and dunked her in the bog. 'Jesus-God!,' she said,
'He had no git-up when alive but WHAT-A-MAN when DEAD!!
A hootowl spoke from a cypress tree: 'Whoo--whoo air you?'
"Shut up...brazen hant!." Fran gasped.."I'd tell ye if I knew."
So 'twas that FROGGY FRAN forsook the walk of mortal men.
But folks claim they often see her clothed in immortality hand in hand with SHIFTLESS BEN.
Lynetta Jones; Poems; Poetry
© Stephan Jones. Permission to publish has been granted the SDSU Library
  • Jones Family Memorabilia Collection, 1962-2002
8.5 inches X 11 inches
MS-0516-01-002; MS-0516-01-005; MS-0516-01-006
  • San Diego State University Library and Information Access, Special Collections and University Archives
James Warren Jones Family. Gift of Stephan Jones via the Jonestown Institute
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